Small Groups

Max 3 Students Per Class
Here at RMK9 we offer small intimate classes where you and your dog can
receive a quality education signature to your needs.
We have attended and held large group classes and all our clients and fellow participants tell us how much more affective training a dog can be when the classes are small!

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience


Class Time is 1.5 Hours

  • 5 Weeks
  • This class is tailored to starting AAA and AAT therapy dogs for Pet Partners. Julie has trained three of her dogs to be complex therapy dogs and she wants to create one for you and your community! If you are not going into therapy dog volunteering, you will still receive a personalized, time-honored small class to assist you and your dog with house manners and obedience.
  • Each team will learn the following: Sit, Down, Stay, Recall, Leave It, Drop It, Name Game, and Place
  • We will also include the start of loose leash walking.
    • Good leash skills are an art and we encourage you to start in our basic obedience class and then move to the concentrated leash class to master loose leash walking.
Loose Leash Walking <br>the Art of No Pulling

Loose Leash Walking
the Art of No Pulling


Class Time is 1 Hour

  • 4 Weeks
  • It is quite frustrating and unsafe to walk a dog that pulls your shoulder out or trips other pedestrians by pretending to be a floor kite as you go down the sidewalk. It’s not fun at all when your dog lunges for each passing dog, bicycle, child or shrub.
  • At Rancho Mondo K9 we break down the steps of an informal heel by creating reward history along your side 30 feet at a time. We have creative techniques that aid your dog in understanding that the reward is with and getting where he wants to go is YOU!
  • This class is a four-week course where you learn to communicate using your body, your voice, and your leash to express kindly to your dog where ya’ll want to go!
  • We value the art of the “sniff” walk and will share that game so you learn how to use the environment to reward the dog when he wants to do what he wants to do! At RMK9 we take our dogs to sniff as a life reward.
  • There is an art to walking a dog on a loose leash. Julie’s years of natural horsemanship will show you how to be an amazing handler.
Chill Out Fido! <br>the Journey from Reactive to Reliable

Chill Out Fido!
the Journey from Reactive to Reliable


Class Time is 1.5 - 2 Hours

  • 6 Weeks
  • This is a class for human and or dog reactive dogs

    This class is where we orchestrate carefully controlled exposures to triggers in a class setting.

    A week by week guide is provided for teams to learn key concepts and crucial exercises for their reactive dog.

    You will receive practical advice for when things go wrong.

    You will receive weekly student handouts of exercises.

    We please do not accept any human aggressive dogs with a bite history

    RM accepts two teams in each class. Class time also includes lecture time, simulation time, round table discussion, and demonstrations.

    To start:

    There is a pre-class questionnaire to complete and you must please attend a private evaluation at RM by appointment. The evaluation fee is $125.00.

    In the evaluation you will receive some foundation information to prepare your dog for class, as in installing name game, teaching your dog to wear a head halter and learning to use the clicker and delivery timing.

    Your dog must be crate trained, so we can put your dog away during lecture, demos, etc.
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