Positive reinforcement


 After decades of traditional horse training with career horsemen like the late Glenn Heiney, Dennis Reis, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Julie’s studies have led her positive reinforcement (+R) training and is currently enrolled in the Intrinzen horse program.  She is learning the “artful empowerment of humans and horses through movement.”  www.intrinzen.com 

Haven Horsemanship

 Julie also will be starting a self-study beta program for + R training with Haven Horsemanship in Reno, Nevada. Find more information at www.havenhorsemanship.com 

Train with Julie

 Both mentorships are progressive and exceptional programs.  

Julie's shift to +R was because her horses said they would rather work puzzles for rewards and have some autonomy rather than be forced to face consequences and have no choice. 

There is a huge difference..

 Horses are emotional beings and once you take out the fear and force - you will have far more safety, fluidity, performance, interest, and love from your horse.  You also will feel great knowing your created your own communication and connection. 

  Julie cannot wait to share with you the beauty of force free horse engagement and trainingGive customers a reason to do business with you.

Our Partners


Horseback Riding Program


Benefits for Kids

 Our Kids Summer Camp program is designed to teach school age children the basics of positive reinforcement horseback riding, training and horsemanship. Your child will learn the basics skills of foundation reward-based communication in a safe and supervised setting while enjoying bonding with one of Julie’s adorable horses right here in Leander.  Julie will carefully match each student’s horseback riding ability and level with the appropriate horse. 


Engagement for All

 Engaging with horses is a wholesome and fun recreational activity. Being with horses offers many benefits for adults and children. Reward based training with horses can improve relationships, balance motor control, encourage hand-eye coordination, build core strength and muscular development. Playing with horses can put children more in touch with Mother Nature enhancing their character development. Some studies have shown that handling, riding, and caring for a horse, can develop positive traits, like responsibility, accountability, patience, impulse control, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline. 


Join Us

 On our quiet hill country 5-acre property and horse playground. Julie has three horses and will carefully match each student’s ability with the appropriate horse.  Kids Club Members will receive individual instruction, learn about horse care, and help feed/water the horses each day. No prior riding experience is necessary.