In Memory of Moby


Julie said goodbye to her beloved Moby in 2018. He was her sidekick and the reason

she started dog training in 2008. For 11 years Moby was by her side helping her with

other dogs, raising all the new dogs Julie brought home, while gracefully volunteering in

hospice as he shared his huge smile and his love with many people of all ages.

He is one of a kind folks!!

Julie and Pearl


In the waiting room of Studio 512

Spot with Pearl to demonstrate scent work on KXAN Austin, Texas.

Pearl is a rescue and has an AKC Good Canine Citizen, NACSW NW1, NW2, UCSS DDN, and she is a complex therapy dog with Pet Partners

Julie and Jasmine


Jasmine was cut off of a 12" tire chain in Bryan, Texas. She was starving, covered in fleas and totally out in the elements.  One of Julie's friends in rescue just happened to be driving by and saw the chained dogs.

Jasmine was rescued from the owner and an e-mail went out for her adoption from Spay Street Rescue.  Julie drove to Bastrop to meet her and the rest is history.  Jasmine is an AKC Good Canine Citizen and complex hospice therapy dog with Pet Partners.

Intrinzen Horse Program


Julie is passionate about empowering humans and horses through movement. She is currently participating in a program called the Intrinzen Horse Program which incorporates movement, and motivation science, paired with education to teach people to to inspire horses to be proud, agile and take joy in their movements. It's incredible, inspiring. More information on this program can be found at

Julie and Mobita


 Mobita is a Dogo Argentino who was rescued at 8 weeks of age from Ft. Worth, Texas. She was sent to Julie to meet literally the day Julie was saying good-bye to Moby, her right hand dog for 11 years.  

It is uncanny how much Mobita looks like Moby and everyone said that Moby sent Mobita to relieve Julie's grief by keeping her busy. Mobita has accomplished more than just keeping Julie busy. She has won the hearts of all and hopefully will make a therapy dog like Moby one day with Pet Partners. Mobita is an amazing dog!


Owner and Lead Trainer


Julie Kay Locke, CPDT-KA uses positive reinforcement methods while training your dog or horse! Julie is passionate about helping you understand how dogs and horses learn, how to reward and reinforce what you want so you are building daily a loving human

influenced relationship. 

Dogs and horses love cookies!

Julie got her initial start training dog by teaching basic obedience at PetSmart from 2008– 2010 with her team at the time Moby and Pearl. This led her to an obedience and behavior modification internship under the late Lee Mannix through 2010.

In 2011 she enrolled in the scent work program under the NACSW, along with the Gary Job Corp K9 Unit in Laredo, Texas under former director Billy Smith Corp K9 Unit, and different private sector trainers (John Rogerson, Sue Sternberg, Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Susan Clothier, Karen Pryor, Ken Ramirez) through continued


Julie has partnered with Officer Cody Irby of Pflugerville Police in teaching Texas Kay9 Scent Group for enrichment, behavior modification, and or competition.

She is also providing externship instruction for ABC Behavior College and will be training up and coming dog trainers.

Julie is an Evaluator as of July 2019, for the nationally recognized animal assisted activity program called Pet Partners.

After decades of traditional horse training with career horsemen like the late Glenn

Heiney, Dennis Reis, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Julie’s studies have led her to be currently enrolled in the Intrinzen horse program. A progressive and exceptional program where she will be learning the “artful empowerment of humans and horses through movement.”

Julie cannot wait to share with you the beauty of force free horse training and engagement.



Dogs are born knowing how to be a dog; it’s up to us humans to cultivate the connection between the two languages and cultures. Come on out, enjoy the oaks, the lake, and the signature services provided by Rancho Mondo K9!

- Julie Locke