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Owner and lead trainer, Julie Kay Locke, CPDT-KA and USCSS (Unites States Canine Scent Sport) judge uses positive reinforcement methods while training with your dog! Julie is passionate about helping you understand how dogs learn, how to reward and reinforce what you want while building a loving human influenced relationship.

Julie has been studying obedience, behavior and canine detection for the last 10 years from the late Lee Mannix, the NACSW, Laredo’s Gary Job Corp K9 Unit, and different private sector trainers (John Rogerson, Sue Sternberg, Patricia McConnell, Jean Donaldson, Susan Clothier) through continued education. She is currently working as an externship instructor for ABC Behavior College and will be training up and coming dog trainers.



To my RanchoMondo K9 Family…Moby died last Saturday. He had a brain tumor grab him really quick.
It was awful, and I miss him so much. Moby was an inspiration and I am never going to be the same without him by my side.

The day Moby died something mystical happened.

A female puppy Mobita, that I believe Moby brought to me to fill the void appeared the same day.
We will be training her for Pet Partners and nose work. She is cute as a button and is a Dogo Argentino and is just beautiful.
Thank you Moby, you will be forever missed.



AAT dogs for Pet Partners. Julie, Pearl, Moby and Jasmine all love to volunteer in the community specializing in hospice work. Pearl also has her NW1 and NW2 title from the NACSW while Babe her fourth pit bull who was saved out of a ditch has started his training in nose work.

Julie enjoys, uses, and sees benefit for dogs by combing her training in natural horsemanship of over 25 years. Julie has endorsements from Dennis Reis – Universal Horsemanship for her skills in horsemanship.

Julie Kay Locke and Rancho Mondo K9 are currently offering a dog training internship for individuals who want to become certified pet trainers and garner their CPDT-KA under The Council for Certification of Pet Dog Trainers.

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Dogs are born knowing how to be a dog; it’s up to us humans to cultivate the connection between the two languages and cultures. Come on out, enjoy the oaks, the lake, and the signature services provided by Rancho Mondo K9!

- Julie Locke
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